Recommendations for preventing listeriosis

Must be observed by all pregnant women.

Extraperitoneal caesarean section

Recommendations for preventing listeriosis | Dr Velemir, chirurgien gynécologue obstétricien à Nice

Dr. Velemir is one of the ten gynecologists-obstetricians to practice extraperitoneal caesarean section in France. The technique of extraperitoneal cesarean section is still unknown, almost confidential, it has great benefits for moms and their babies. With extraperitoneal caesarean section, the sequelae and the risk of complications are reduced.
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Reduce the risk of listeriosis for pregnant women

This rare and generally benign illness can be serious for pregnant women, unborn babies, the elderly and immunodepressed patients.

It is transmitted by the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes.

At mealtime, avoid the following for 9 months:

– certain seafoods: raw shellfish, smoked fish, surimi, tarama.

– certain deli meats: rillettes, pâtés, foie gras, jellied products.

For deli products such as ham, choose pre-packaged products which are less likely to be contaminated.

– certain dairy products:

  • Raw milk and cheeses made from raw milk; pre-grated cheese.
  • Choose pasteurised milk, UHT, or sterilised; pasteurised cheeses, hard cheeses such as Gruyère and cheese spreads.
  • Remove rind from cheeses.

– raw germinated seeds such as soya.

In the kitchen: be vigilant

– carefully wash vegetables and herbs;

– after handling uncooked food, wash hands and clean kitchen utensils that were in contact with these foods;

– thoroughly cook or recook foods of animal origin (meat, fish and raw deli products such as bacon);

– hamburgers must be cooked right through;

– store raw foods separately from cooked or ready-to-eat foods;

– left-overs and ready-made meals must be carefully re-heated and consumed immediately;

– clean your fridge and work surface frequently (at least twice a month) and then disinfect with bleach.

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