Fetal Ultrasound in Nice

Dr. Velemir has the qualifications and diplomas to perform obstetrical ultrasounds

Echographie foetale Nice

For future parents, fetal ultrasound often has a strong spectacular and emotional dimension (anxiety, joy, surprise …).

Fetal ultrasound remains a highly technical examination which allows having important information on the well-being of the baby and its development.

Obstetrical morphological hd live ultrasounds

Échographies obstétricales morphologiques HD live


Ultrasound does not, however, allow ensuring 100% of the fetus normality. However, this examination contributes greatly to improve the management of pregnancy, childbirth and future newborn.

Dr. Velemir has the qualifications and diplomas to perform obstetric morphology ultrasounds and is approved for the calculation of trisomy 21 integrated risk in the 1st quarter. He works on a Voluson E8 device equipped with 3D / 4D sensors and HD live.

How is a Morphology Ultrasound ?

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