List for entry to the maternity ward

Detailed list of items to prepare for entry into the maternity ward.

Extraperitoneal caesarean section

List for entry to the maternity ward | Dr Velemir, chirurgien gynécologue obstétricien à Nice

Dr. Velemir is one of the ten gynecologists-obstetricians to practice extraperitoneal caesarean section in France. The technique of extraperitoneal cesarean section is still unknown, almost confidential, it has great benefits for moms and their babies. With extraperitoneal caesarean section, the sequelae and the risk of complications are reduced.
Learn more about extraperitoneal caesarean section.

List for your entry to the maternity ward

To go down to the delivery room

(to put in to 2 different bags)

For the mother

1 pair of pants (type: Surgifix)
1 Water mister
1 Nightgown

For the baby

1 hat – 1 pair of socks
1 body – 1 pair of pyjamas – 1 warm baby jumper/cardigan
1 small blanket

For the baby’s stay

5 bodies
5 pairs of pyjamas
4 pairs of small socks
2 fitted sheets
1 baby mouth thermometer
2 bath towels
1 pair of mittens
1 blanket for the cot or a sleep bag

For Mum’s stay

3 nightgowns
1 bathrobe
Intimate toilet soap
Sanitary towels size MAXI
Pants (type: Surgifix)
Hair dryer

If you are breastfeeding: breastfeeding bra + shells

Provided by maternity 

Baby toiletries and a packet of nappies

For admission:

  1. Family record book (family certificates) or registration of birth
  2. Identification document (passport, id card)
  3. Social Security Card and Mutual Health Assurance Certificate
  4. Blood group card with 2 tests
  5. Anaesthesia Record
  6. Obstetrics file, which contains the results of the coagulation assessment, bacteriological sampling and a radio pelvimetry.

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