Childbirth preparation in Nice

Preparation to integrate theoretical and practical knowledge on childbirth and breastfeeding

Prenatal haptonomy

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Childbirth preparation | Dr Velemir, chirurgien gynécologue obstétricien à Nice
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Classic preparation

This preparation allows future parents to integrate theoretical and practical knowledge about childbirth and breastfeeding and create a birth plan to fully experience the birth of their child. It is done with a midwife parallel to medical monitoring. Dr. Velemir will provide you with he best advice for choosing a midwife based on your expectations.

In practice

This personalized appointment is a space for dialogue, a place to express the experiences of parenthood, a welcome space for questions or concerns. During this visit, parents can consider the possibility of creating a birth plan inline with their expectations. The birth plan will allow the obstetrician and the team that will welcome them to the maternity ward to get to know them better and identify their physical and emotional needs for hosting their child.

After this first appointment, 7 other sessions are suggested in a small group or individually. Planning for these is considered with the midwife depending on the end of pregnancy and according to the availability of both the midwife and the couple.

Preparation for birth is a privileged place for exchanges and meeting with a professional but also with other expectant parents.

Points usually covered:

  • anatomy and pregnancy monitoring
  • the birth process respecting physiology
  • more medicalized situations such as birth under epidural, if birth requires instrumental extraction (vacuum, forceps or spatulas) or Caesarean.
  • management of pain using protective body postures for labour
  • anaesthesia in obstetrics: epidural, spinal anaesthesia, general anaesthesia
  • the various possible birthing positions according to the medical context
  • the welcome and care given to the child at birth
  • feeding the newborn: breast or artificial feeding
  • puerperium
  • contraception
  • perineal re-education

Some sessions are more theoretical while others are more practical with body and respiratory work.

The purpose of parenthood preparation is:

  • to inform parents in an enlightened way about the different methods of birth and offer them a choice
  • place them as responsible actors to fully experience the unique event of their child’s birth
  • help them reveal their own potential

Perinatal haptonomy

The term Haptonomie comes from the ancient Greek, “Haptein” contact, build a relationship, and communicate through touch and “Nomos” the rule.
So this is an emotional and communicative touch which establishes a relationship with others and in particular with the baby in utero. This approach was developed by a Dutch doctor, Frans Veldman and has been practiced in France since the 80s.

One can start from the 4th month of pregnancy. There should be generally 5 sessions during the entire pregnancy, plus a haptochidcare postnatal session. Very few people are trained to perform this specific support. If you are interested, Dr. Velemir will tell you who to contact.

There are several components in perinatal haptonomy support:

  • This is first and foremost to establish early affective links between the mother, the baby and the father, through an emotional presence and a touch that is referred to as psychotactile.
  • Haptonomy can significantly improve the comfort of the mother and the baby during pregnancy dispelling lumbar tension and relaxing the uterus making it spacious and comfortable. This comfort is primarily due to precise gestures given by the father.
  • It is also a very specific preparation for the birth, involving both parents who will adopt certain gestures and postures promoting the work of childbirth and accompanying the baby’s birth.
  • Finally haptochildcare, that is to say a carriage and gestures appropriated by the baby that we discover from the postnatal welcome and in the months following the birth.

Preparing for birth with Dr. Velemir

Because each patient is unique, with its own path and its different experiences, to succeed a care, it must be adjusted to the person who is treated and accepted by it.