Treatment of uterine septum

This is the abnormal presence of fibrous tissue in the middle of the uterus

What is a uterine septum?

This is the abnormal presence of fibrous tissue in the middle of the uterus. This fibrous tissue forms a septum that is will separate the uterus into two equal parts. Depending on the size of the septum, we speak of a total, subtotal, corporeal or cervical septum.

What are the problems related to the presence of a uterine septum?

Sometimes the uterine septum is discovered incidentally. For example, it is often found during the check-up conducted after an obstetrical accident. The uterine wall may be responsible for recurrent miscarriages and can also increase the risk of premature birth. Finally, it can be the cause of the foetus’ poor positioning in the womb during the later stage of pregnancy, leading the mother to opt for a caesarean section.

How is the diagnosis of uterine septum achieved?

Either by looking directly into the uterus during a hysteroscopy or caesarean section or via imagery such as 2D/3D ultrasound and hysterography.

What is the treatment for a uterine septum?

Cure de cloison utérine

The treatment of this malformation helps reduce the rate of miscarriage and limit the occurrence of obstetric problems. The treatment is performed on an outpatient basis by hysteroscopy (see video) and only lasts 15 minutes. The septum is divided with an electric scalpel under camera control. An anti-adherent product is inserted into the uterus at the end of the procedure to limit the occurrence of synechia (post-operative reactive adhesion of anterior and posterior surfaces of the uterus).

Treatment of uterine septum

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