Laparoscopy in Nice

Laparoscopy is a surgical technique performed in the abdomen with the use of a small camera and adapted surgical instruments

Diagram of a laparoscopy

Laparoscopy in Nice | Dr Velemir, chirurgien gynécologue obstétricien à Nice

Extraperitoneal caesarean section

Laparoscopy in Nice | Dr Velemir, chirurgien gynécologue obstétricien à Nice

Dr. Velemir is one of the ten gynecologists-obstetricians to practice extraperitoneal caesarean section in France. The technique of extraperitoneal cesarean section is still unknown, almost confidential, it has great benefits for moms and their babies. With extraperitoneal caesarean section, the sequelae and the risk of complications are reduced.
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What is a laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy is a surgical technique that enables the seeing and operating of organs located in the abdomen without opening the abdominal wall by introducing a mini-camera through the navel.

Why is this technique preferable?

This minimally invasive process gives the patient an advantage by comparison with a laparotomy (conventional opening of the abdominal wall) in terms of:

  • Pain: lower use of analgesics
  • Gets the patient back on their feet: earlier discharge, faster recovery
  • Cosmetics: almost invisible scars

What operations are achievable by laparoscopy?

In expert hands, almost all gynecological problems can be treated by laparoscopy:

Ectopic pregnancy
Benign ovarian cysts
Upper genital tract infections (salpingitis)
Uterine Fibroids
Genital prolapse (promontofixation)
Removal of the uterus (even if large volume)
Cancer of early stage cervix, endometrial cancer
Tubal sterilization – Tubal reversal
Diagnosis of unexplained infertility and pelvic pain
Removing adhesions

How is a laparoscopy done?

First, a laparoscopy requires general anesthesia. Once the patient is asleep, a harmless gas is injected gradually into the abdomen to create a workspace. A tiny incision is made in the navel through which the laparoscope (long thin tube that transmits what is happening inside the womb live on a television screen) is inserted. Two to three other small incisions are made in the lower abdomen through which surgical instruments like long fine forceps are passed.

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In the expert hands of Dr. Luka Velemir, almost all gynecological problems can be treated by laparoscopy.